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The American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins contain precious metals of 99.93% silver as required by law, and .07% copper.  

The American Eagles Silver Bullion coins weigh in at 31.101 grams (One troy ounce = 31.1033 grams.) and has the face value of a dollar.  The American Eagles Silver Dollars are the largest of the American Eagles coins issued by the U.S. Mint.

The new U.S. Mint American Eagles Silver Dollar has the design of Adolph A. Weinmans' Walking Liberty, originally used on the half dollar coins from 1916 through 1947. You'll find his initials on the hem of Miss Liberty's gown.  

The reverse features a rendition of the heraldic eagle by John Mercanti.

The U.S. Mint American Eagles Silver Coins are minted in Philadelphia and at the Bullion Depository in West Point, New York.

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