American Eagle Proof Coins, Proof Mint Sets

U.S. Mint Proof "Mint Sets"

Annual proof mint coin sets are an absolute must-have for coin collectors. In each proof set, the United States Mint offers proof, silver proof, and uncirculated coin sets every year. Each set is packaged in a hard plastic holder that displays both sides of each coin. Take pleasure in these proof mint coin sets that celebrate the history of our country along with the heritage of coins.

Proof American Eagle Coin Set Proof American Eagle Coins

The best, top of the line American coins are the American Eagles in proof quality minted in the precious metals of platinum, gold, and silver. These coins are struck each year with fresh, new dies to produce the highest quality proof coins with mirror-like surfaces.

The United States Mint at West Point, New York produces the American Eagle Proof coin series and they are released in strictly limited mintages. The Platinum American Eagles and the American Eagle Gold Proof coins are created by the U.S. Mint in four sizes from
one-tenth ounce, one-quarter ounce, one-half ounce to the full one ounce. The Silver American Eagle Proofs are minted in one troy ounce only. These coin proof sets are perfect for your precious metals investment portfolio and collection.

American Eagles in Platinum Proofs
Platinum Eagle

The Platinum American Eagle Proof Coins are known as the "Vistas of Liberty" series and feature a totally new, reverse design fresh each year.

The "Vistas of Liberty" designs honor regional landscapes on the Platinum Coins. From a collector point of view, the Platinum Proofs offer the lowest mintages of all proof issues because they are minted for only one year with a distinct and unique reverse design. 

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American Gold Eagle Proofs & American Eagle Proof Silver Dollars

American Gold Eagle

American Eagles Gold Proof Coins proudly feature a classic Augustus
Saint-Gaudens design. This full-length, flowing hair figure of Lady Liberty shows her holding a torch in her right hand, and an olive branch in her left.

The reverse design of the gold bullion coin by sculptor, Miley Busiek, is a special contemporary design honoring the American family. The design incorporates a male eagle carrying an olive branch flying above a nest containing a female eagle and her newborns.

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Silver dollars are always an American favorite and that's especially true of the American Silver Eagles. The American Eagle Silver Proof coins obverse design is Adolph A. Weinman’s full-length figure of Liberty in full stride, enveloped in folds of the flag. On the Silver Bullion coin, "Lady Liberty" holds out her right hand welcoming all to "America the Beautiful."  She holds laurel and oak branches in her left hand that symbolize peace.

The reverse design on the silver dollar coin is by U.S. Mint sculptor/engraver, John Mercanti, and features a heraldic eagle with shield. In the right talon, the eagle holds the olive branch of peace. In the left talon, arrows symbolize America's willingness to fight for freedom and peace.

American Eagle Proof bullion coins are among the most beautifully designed and most carefully created modern coins issued today. Proof coins are perfect for the collector who demands the very finest.

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